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Wave goodbye to back pain with a stylish pair of ShoeTherapy flats! Designed for pregnancy, these fashionable flat maternity shoes are easy to wear, and ultra-comfortable – an ideal choice for every woman’s wardrobe.

Give back pain the boot with a super stylish pair of flats or loafers! Designed specifically for pregnancy, these fashionable flat maternity shoes are easy to wear, and ultra-comfortable.

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Meet the perfect shoes for pregnancy. Watch the video to see the stylish potential, and order your pair today.

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16 item(s)


Shoes for Pregnant Women

Shoes for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can be tough on your body – the added weight of your baby can throw off your body’s natural alignment, putting pressure on your back, joints and feet. That’s where ShoeTherapy’s miracle maternity shoes come in. Designed in collaboration with top orthopaedic doctors, these stylish flat shoes are ergonomically engineered to improve your posture, optimise balance and boost circulation as you walk, helping to ease aches and pains. These fabulous flat shoes for pregnant women offer 4 layers of comfort:

  • 1. Supple leather outer moulds to your foot
  • 2. A hidden wedge heel ensures proper support
  • 3. The specialist inner sole massages your feet as you walk
  • 4. A flexible outer sole offers added grip

And the good news is, these stylish flat shoes aren’t just for pregnant women! You’ll be pleased to know that they will make a seamless transition into your regular wardrobe after baby is born – and who couldn’t do with a comfy pair of flats when carrying around a newborn!

Style Your Pregnancy Shoes

The perfect pregnancy shoes, our stylish ballerina flats are designed to look as good as they feel, and are specifically developed to pair perfectly with our range of fashion forward maternity dresses. Add the perfect accessories and a chic maternity coat or jacket to complete the look.

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