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Maternity Leggings


A stylish pair of maternity leggings is a must-have for pregnancy. Soft and breathable against your skin; Seraphine’s leggings are designed to smooth your silhouette, providing the perfect support for your new curves.

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12 item(s)




An essential element of every mum-to-be’s new wardrobe, a good collection of maternity leggings will see you through your nine months in comfort and style. Whether you’re relaxing at home, popping to the shops or getting active with some gentle pregnancy yoga or fitness classes, leggings are a women’s wardrobe non-negotiable. Simply choose your fit: under bump offers a comfy low-rise style, or opt for over bump maternity leggings if you’re looking for a little more support around your middle. A classic pair of black maternity leggings are the perfect choice to team up with your maternity tops for easy everyday style.


And if you’re looking to raise the glamour stakes, our maternity leather leggings are for you! With celebrity fans including Gwen Stefani, Anne Hathaway, Una Foden and Kimberly Wyatt; Seraphine’s stylish leather look maternity leggings are a sure style winner.

Maternity Leggings UK

You can shop our maternity leggings at any of our stores in London, Leeds, New York, Paris, Hong Kong or Dubai, or order online to have them delivered direct to your door. Wear your leggings with stylish tops and jumpers, or under dresses instead of maternity tights, and don’t forget to check out the Seraphine Bump Kits to cover all the basics.

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