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Black Seamless Over Bump Maternity Leggings


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  • Comfortable over bump fit
  • Smooth, seamless design

A key piece for your maternity wardrobe; Seraphine's signature maternity leggings fit like a second skin, shaping and smoothing your legs to provide all-day support. Made for comfort, they are ultra soft and breathable; these leggings are extremely versatile - perfect for fashionable mums on the go, at work or in the yoga studio!

Size Guide

S/M UK =  6 - 12 US =  0 - 8 ITALY =  38 - 44 FRANCE =  36 - 42 GERMANY =  34 - 40 DENMARK =  32 - 38 AUSTRALIA =  6 - 12
L/XL UK =  14 - 18 US =  10 - 14 ITALY =  46 - 50 FRANCE =  44 - 48 GERMANY =  42 - 46 DENMARK =  40 - 44 AUSTRALIA =  14 - 18
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  • Gentle wash at 30
  • Wash inside out
  • Wash dark colours separately
  • Warm iron
  • Do not tumble dry

  • Composition :
    • 94% Polyamide 6% Elastane


  • Versatile

    by Shannon on 31st of January

    This is one of my best maternity wear investments. Not see-through like some of the other major brands and very soft. I deducted one star because they don't hold their shape well in the bum area (Seraphine: more elastic in the fabric please), though under a long tunic it doesn't matter. I wear them for exercise as well and am happy with them other than having to occasionally adjust them when they stretch and start sagging.

  • Love them!

    by Chestnut on 1st of October

    I tried on some maternity leggings in a different shop and they were terrible. For only £3 more these are amazing and worth every penny! They are thin so not too hot but without being see through, and come right up over the bump area. I'm going to order some more!

  • Nothing else similar on italian maternity stores

    by Eleonora on 20th of March

    I want to thank Séraphine for this wonderful product. It really shapes legs and co in a exquisite manner... simple to pack for travel, for Yoga but at the same time an extremely elegant passepartout

  • They Stay Up All Day!

    by MrsRabbit on 11th of March

    After being disappointed by so called maternity tights and leggings where the gusset ends up somewhere near your knees within a couple of hours, I must say I am hugely impressed with these. They really do stay up all day, are so comfortable and wash well. At 35 weeks I'm about to order a couple more pairs as now I'm on mat leave I need more lounge wear and I want to make sure there is definitely a pair in my hospital bag! Finally I would say that the fit is true to size (I ordered a s/m),

  • A must for every pregnancy

    by Aisling on 15th of July

    Bought them on my first pregnancy and they were the first thing i bought this time again. At 12 weeks everything is getting that bit tight and like most pregnant women i'm overheating so these leggings are a godsend. Comfortable all day and breathable. Material is beautifully soft and thick so you dont feel uncomfortable. I already that like last pregnancy i will be wearing these right up till due date. They wash amazingly and NEVER lose their shape.

  • Highly recommend

    by Clarice McBear on 11th of April

    Was at first turned of by appearence of fabric (nylon-y), but found the stretchy fabric super comfy and easy to care for. Best of all they still look good enough to pass on to a friend. (I wish I'd had them during my first pregnancy, but only got them for the second) The fit is tight in the legs and full in the belly which suited me as I like leg support, but not too much pressure on the bump. The leggings are warm, so not so good for a hot summer pregnancy. Also they are very long, suited me well to low on ankles, I am 171cm tall. Might be a bit bunchy if you are under 160ish?

  • Very comfy but too long!

    by Anna on 20th of August

    Lovely leggings, super soft and comfy material, nice and stretchy but far too long for me (I'm 5ft). I have to roll them up quite a bit so will only be able to wear them in winter with boots. Wish they had short/standard/long length options. Have bought the cropped ones to wear with sandals in summer as those come up 'normal' length on me!

  • Fantastic

    by MissyTrouble on 8th of August

    I'm only 8 weeks but already can't fit into my old pants.. I invested in 2 pairs of these and I'm over the moon! For now I just fold the bump part down. They are SO comfortable and I like that they are not see through like all the others I've tried! Well worth every penny.

  • By far my favourite piece of maternity wear

    by Sam on 4th of June

    So comfy. They wash and fit really well. I have just bought another pair!

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Jayne on 25th of December

    I bought these leggings to go with the ''crochet dress''. They are so comfy around your bump, you will hardly notice they are there! I would really recommend these, they are perfect.

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Helen on 23rd of December

    Fantastic leggings! Smooth and warm, The top folds down really smoothly or would sit over the bump at a later stage...

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Caroline on 18th of December

    Really soft and comfy. I''m only eleven and a half weeks but will wear them immediately they look so good. Really smooth and flattering.

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by mary on 15th of December

    i really like these - so comfortable i don t want to take them off!

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by gayle barker on 9th of December

    great! not tight over bump,therefore very comfy.No saggy knees, and not see through on tight bits either.brilliant!

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Lady Ingestre on 7th of December

    Fantastic leggings! They are just so comfortable and although I am only 16 weeks pregnant, I know that they will last me all throughout my pregnancy. Thank you so much Seraphine!

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Alison on 30th of November

    These leggings are sooooo comfy! Pull them over your bump and they stay in place and feel great. I have washed them loads and they are still in goood condition - haven''t got bobbly at all. Worth paying that bit extra.

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Mai on 29th of November

    Fantastic, very soft and comfortable and great value for money.

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Roslyn on 21st of November

    These are the best leggings I've ever bought! They are beautifully soft and stretchy and fit perfectly. I highly recommend them!

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Marieanne on 8th of October

    Really impressed with these leggings have been wearing them with so many outfits, definitely worth spending a bit extra to get high quality item- much better than high street brands.

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Kathy on 7th of October

    Great for work and the weekends with dresses, but above all super comfortable, and they seem to grow with my bump :)

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Kirsty on 29th of September

    These leggings are fantastic, I wear them all the time. They are super soft, fit really well and are very comfortable to wear.

  • Black Leggings 4 Stars

    by Marie on 13th of September

    I liked these a lot, really comfy and wash well. Look nice with dresses or long shirt x

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Jane on 31st of August

    These are so comfortable and feel great wearing them all day. They fit really well and the fabric is very soft. A great purchase!

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Lucy on 16th of August

    These are brilliant, the best maternity leggings I've found. Very soft and comfortable with no seams so no digging in. They're loose enough at the top to be comfortable too and not dig in, but so stretchy they stay up well and don't bag. Worth the slightly higher price than some others I've found.

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Charlie on 30th of July

    I have bought many pairs of Maternity leggings, but these are by far the best. They are so comfortable. They don't dig in anywhere, and I love the fact that you can either wear them high over your bump, or low underneath it. They are super soft, and wash great. They don't bunch up behind you knees either, so you can wear them instead of tights. They fit like a glove - I love them!

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by caroline on 23rd of July

    I started by buying a cheaper pair from M&S but the quality was very poor, so I decided to splash out on your leggings and I have to say this is the best investment of my maternity wardrobe. In fact I am so addicted to wearing them that I am buying a second pair today. Despite being in the wash practicaly every other day they still look as good as new and so soft.

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Corinne on 18th of July

    The perfect maternity leggings, I have 2 pairs! Top can be kept high or rolled under bump - both give seam free look. Good quality, stretchy and really comfortable.

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Rachel D. on 15th of July

    The leggings are amazing, Iím really impressed, they are so soft !

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Felicity L. on 9th of July

    Fantastic leggings - thick, super comfy and they do not bag at the knees. Almost like 100 denier tights in a way. Feels so much nicer than jeans. I can see me spending the whole of the second half of my pregnancy in them! Highly highly recommend them.

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Lizette on 8th of July

    Well, I am impressed. After reading that these leggings are too long for those who are slightly shorter, I still had my doubts as I am 6''2'' and buy trousers with inside length of 35 or 36''. But I was hugely surprised when I received these leggings yesterday and although they look short when I took them out of the pack, they are very stretchy and fit perfectly including covering my growing bump.

  • Black Leggings 3 Stars

    by Danielle on 4th of July

    These are very comfortable leggings except they should be sized correctly. I''m 5ft 4 & they are just way too long. Fine for winter if you''re wearing boots but not a great look in summer as you have to roll them up. They are great over the bump & you don''t get saggy knees.

  • Black Leggings 4 Stars

    by Emma on 21st of June

    These are lovely leggings. I wore normal leggings before I bought these and couldn''t stand the waist band on my bump but as these pull right up over the bump, they are so comfortable. I''m only 5ft so they are quite long but I just roll them up. It''s worth it for the comfort!

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by natalie on 30th of May

    Great and comfortable leggings - nice tight fit, they are very supportive and donít fall down like most other leggings - and no baggy knees! Lovely quality, nice fabric and good support, they are also lovely and warm

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Maria on 26th of May

    These are brilliant... I shall be living in them so off to order more, they are comfy and flattering, I thought the one size fits all would be a problem as I am 5''2 and about size 8... Honestly you will LOVE THEM!

  • Black Leggings 3 Stars

    by Lee on 24th of May

    These leggings are very comfortable. At 5''2'' they are a little bit long for me but work fine keeping the extra fabric in my boots! They are very clingy and more similar to thick seamed tights. Much more comfortable than other maternity leggings I have. You can also really wear them comfortably, so they stay up, with the waist folded down (unlike some other leggings and trousers)

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Ally Haskins on 9th of May

    Fantastic leggings - really soft and super comfortable. Lots of room to pull them over the bump. Will definitely buy some more of these!

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Julia O''Connor on 18th of April

    Absolutely fabulous leggings! So comfortable and soft - just perfect :-)

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Nikki on 18th of March

    A must have buy for your wardrobe. I love pulling these up over my bump - they support you and give you an extra layer under your clothes so perfect for the coming winter!

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Anna on 22nd of February

    Great purchase! Feels like a second skin. You can wear it with a tunic or a dress or at your pilates class. I love them!

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by CM on 15th of February

    I bought ''normal'' leggings which were fine at the start of my pregnancy but these are much more comfortable and really stretchy - almost like thick tights. They look much better under dresses because theres no low waistline showing (I wear them over the bump).

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Sarah on 10th of February

    Have just received these leggings and they are gorgeous. So comfortable and really soft. I can see I am going to get a lot of wear out them. A definite must to any maternity wardrobe.

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Elizabeth on 3rd of February

    I just received and put on the leggings. All I can say is WOW, my legs havent felt so comfortable in months!!! These are so comfortable! I am 31 weeks and I wish I bought them sooner - will be living in these!

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Cristina on 13th of January

    I read about these leggings and decided to give them a go and I am very happy I did as they are so comfortable! My skin is very sensitive at the moment but these leggings are so soft that I dont even feel like I am wearing them. Next time I am going to buy the new cropped version but otherwise it is a great investment piece for your maternity wardrobe.

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Helen on 9th of January

    These leggings are so comfortable that you don't notice you have them on! The material is really soft, and feels nice against your skin. It is a really versatile piece of clothing.

  • Black Leggings 5 Stars

    by Rebecca on 6th of January

    What great leggings, so comfortable and warm under jeans or trousers in this cold weather. Very fast delivery too!


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