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Stretch Mark Cream
& Pregnancy Skin Care

Pregnancy can be tough on your skin – but with the right stretch mark cream and cosmetics you’re sure to get that radiant glow in no time. Treat yourself to fantastic pregnancy skin care today – you deserve it!

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5 item(s)


Stretch Marks – What Causes Them?

Stretch marks effect around 8 out of 10 expectant women at one point or another through pregnancy and afterwards. They appear when your body grows faster than your skin can keep up with, causing the middle layer of your skin to tear, and allowing the deeper, darker layers to show through. Stretch marks are very common in pregnancy, not only because of your rapidly growing bump, but because your hormones are working to make your skin and ligaments soft and supple in preparation for labour.

Mama Mio Pregnancy Cosmetics

Here at Seraphine, we have partnered with pregnancy skin care experts Mama Mio to offer you a selection of the very best anti stretch mark creams and cosmetics on the market. Developed specifically for pregnancy and new mums, these miracle beauty products will soothe, smooth, tighten and hydrate to prevent stretch marks, energise the skin and enhance your radiant pregnancy glow. Take some time out for yourself each day to massage your bump with one of Mama Mio’s tummy rub products – not only will it help you to relax and feel good about your pregnant body, but it will help to firm up and elasticize your skin.

Pregnancy Cream & Cosmetics

Mama Mio offers the best stretch mark prevention products, designed to help you feel fantastic in and out of your maternity clothes throughout pregnancy. Use the lucky legs energising gel to put a little extra spring in your step when you wear one of our chic maternity dresses . The amazing tummy rub butter and pregnancy boob tube will help you to look and feel your best in your stylish nursing bras and briefs, or at the beach in your flattering maternity swimsuits.

Shop Mama Mio’s stretch mark cream at Seraphine today!