Pregnancy Style Q&A with Roxy Manning AKA Red Carpet Roxy

Roxy Manning is the woman behind the popular celebrity and entertainment blog Red Carpet Roxy. She describes herself as a celeb interviewer, style expert, TV host, animal lover, jewelry junkie, french fry fanatic, wifey and mama-to-be! Roxy is a Seraphine fan, and wore several of our maternity dresses to interview some of Hollywood’s brightest stars in the run up to The Oscars, as well as wearing one of our most glamorous Luxe maternity gowns to the star studded ceremony itself!


1) Describe your pregnancy style. Fitted or flowing for your bump?

I am all about showing off my bump! My body has created this little miracle inside of me, and I am proud of it. Also, I cover and attend lots of red carpet celebrity events, so I have to be able to have a dressier look. Therefore, I mainly wear pieces which are more fitted and body conscious, like stretchy maxi dresses, tops and pants. Then I accessorize them with jewelry, shoes and handbags. I feel like maternity clothes, which are a little more body skimming, are actually more slimming and flattering on a pregnant body. But there are times, particularly now that the weather is getting warmer and my baby bump is larger, that I just want to wear something like a flowy dress or top. At the end of the day, stylish comfort is key for me!


2) What is your go-to outfit?

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My go-to outfit on the red carpet is usually a fitted dress with stretch. And lots of accessories such as chunky cuffs and bracelets, a long pendant or a collar necklace, my wedding and engagements rings, a clutch and high heels. I am still rocking heels when I work because I love them! If I am not working and want to dress casual, I am really into stretchy maternity jeans, short fitted skirts, tank tops and either wedges or flats. A great purse as well!


3) How would you style our maternity LBD?

The beauty of an LBD, whether you are pregnant or not, is the fact that they can easily be styled up or down with accessories. Depending on the occasion, I would wear an eye-catching statement piece like a bold necklace, chunky bangles or a mix of cocktail and stacked rings with the LBD. And if you can bear it, a fun heel to lengthen the leg. Otherwise, jeweled sandals or a great wedge are perfect for this time of year.


4) How has being pregnant changed your red carpet style?

Actually, being pregnant hasn’t changed my red carpet style much at all. I am still the girl who loves a modern, sexy and feminine look. The cuts are just different now for my expanding belly. And if I know I am going to be on my feet for a long time, I may wear a shorter heel, flat or sandal.


5) Do you have any top tips to share with other pregnant moms?

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Don’t feel the need to drastically change your personal style while pregnant, as long as you feel comfortable. We have so many great options with maternity clothes nowadays that there is no reason why we should sacrifice our own personal style. Have fun with styling yourself, because being pregnant is a fleeting moment (even though sometimes it feels like it isn’t). If you are unsure of what you are wearing, take a full body selfie with your phone and see if you like what you have on. After all, the camera doesn’t lie. And don’t be afraid to show off that baby bump. You are beautiful and your body is working hard to create this amazing miracle!


6) What has been your favorite moment during pregnancy so far?

My favorite moment during this pregnancy was feeling my daughter kick for the first time – I have never felt anything like that before. It was so special. And the first time my husband and I heard her heartbeat during one of the early ultrasounds. We held hands with each other and both teared up at the same time. It was really sweet and emotional.


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