Second Trimester Fashion Tips - How to Dress a Baby Bump

The secret is finally out… Baby is coming! Your second trimester is the time to settle in and start enjoying your pregnancy & flaunting your changing figure!

Every pregnancy is different, but it’s often at this stage that the bump will really start to show. Here are our top 5 tips for dressing a baby bump in the second trimester…

Ruche It

This trimester you may go from barely showing at the start to beautifully blooming by week 27, so now is the perfect time to invest in maternity clothes designed to grow with you.

Chic ruched maternity dresses in soft stretchy fabrics are the perfect choice for this trimester. The fitted bodycon style will accent your bump and allow plenty of room to grow.

Support It

If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to invest in maternity bras – the sooner you make the switch the better. All of our bras offer a super flexible fit and easy access for nursing.

With the right support you’ll look and feel like a new woman!

Wrap it

Wrap maternity dresses are a second-trimester mamma’s secret weapon! They’re comfy, stylish and ultra-versatile, and the clever wrap ties let you adjust the fit as you grow.

Perfect for work, play and casual days at home, you’ll live in your wrap dresses.

Jeans It

With your newly budding bump, a comfy pair of maternity jeans is sure to be high up on your shopping list. Once the jeans are taken care of, the rest of your wardrobe will start to slot into place.

If you like a little extra support & cover, opt for a comfy over the bump style. Or for a pair that looks just like your pre-pregnancy jeans, under bump is the way to go.

Belt It

Styling in the second trimester is all about the empire waist. It’s your slimmest point right now, so highlighting it will always emphasize your new shape.

A perfectly positioned maternity belt is the perfect way to pull your outfit together and really define your growing bump.


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