Choose a style and engrave your personal message to create a beautifully unique and meaningful piece. Add a chic touch to your pregnancy with Merci Maman necklaces.

A Stunning Name Necklace

Your nine months of pregnancy is such a special time, but all too often it goes by in a flash and is over before you know it. What better way to celebrate this amazing moment in time than with a stunning mothers necklace that you can keep and enjoy forever! Each beautiful Merci Maman piece can be hand-engraved and personalised with your own unique message. Why not celebrate the birth of your new baby by engraving their initials, name or birth day on a special personalized necklace. You could create a meaningful mother daughter necklace, which is sure to become a treasured possession, and can even be passed on to your daughter when she’s older – it would make the perfect sweet sixteen gift!

Beautiful Baby Shower Gifts

If you’re looking for a special baby shower gift that the mom-to-be in your life will really love, you can’t go wrong with a hand-engraved mom necklace. Practical gifts are all well and good, but if you’re looking for something that she’ll treasure long after her baby is grown, then stylish jewelry is the perfect choice.

The Perfect Push Present

As the lady in your life prepares to welcome your beautiful new baby into the world, what better way to show her how much you love her than with a special pregnancy gift. These beautiful hand-engraved necklaces in silver, gold or rose gold will make the perfect gifts for your pregnant wife.