Stretch Mark Cream

Prevent pregnancy stretch marks and give your radiant pregnancy glow a little boost with our selection of the best stretch mark cream, lotions and oils by pregnancy skin care experts Mama Mio.

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7 item(s)

Stretch Marks – What Causes Them?

Stretch marks effect around 8 out of 10 pregnant women – they’re a common complaint, not at all dangerous, but they can be a little unsightly. They are caused when the middle layer of your skin is damaged, allowing the deeper, darker layers of skin to show through. This happens during pregnancy because your gorgeous curves grow quicker than your skin can keep up with – and your hormones will be working over-time to make your skin and ligaments soft and supple ready for labor.

How to Prevent Stretch Marks

The million dollar question on many expectant mamas’ minds is, how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy? Well, unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a sure-fire solution – whether or not you will be effected mostly depends on genetics. But there are tried and tested ways to minimise the risk and give yourself the best possible chance of avoiding them. Here at Seraphine, we have partnered with pregnancy skin care experts Mama Mio to offer you a selection of the very best stretch mark prevention & pregnancy skin care on the market today. Developed specifically for pregnancy and new mums, Mama Mio products will soothe, smooth, tighten and hydrate to prevent stretch marks, energize the skin and bring out your natural radiance.

The Best Stretch Mark Cream

Mama Mio offers the best stretch mark cream, lotions, oils and rubs, designed to help you feel fantastic in your skin before, during and after pregnancy. Wear the lucky legs energizing gel with one of our chic maternity dresses for an instant confidence boost, or use the amazing tummy rub butter and pregnancy boob tube when you’re getting ready to hit the beach in your favourite maternity swimsuit .

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