Here at Seraphine we recognise the importance and focus of sustainability, as well as the wider impact of the fashion industry on the environment. Find out what steps we're taking to work towards a responsible and sustainable future.


Our design ethos is centred on creating high quality, well-constructed, functional products which are designed to be worn throughout the pregnancy and motherhood journey and well beyond.

In fact, we have found that our design and brand strategy has played a significant role in how maternity clothing is perceived; no longer purchased just for the final months of pregnancy, instead garments are designed with longevity and durability in mind, with the intention of being functional from bump to baby and well beyond, countering the outdated perception that maternity wear has limited use.

According to a report by WRAP increasing the cumulative wears by just nine months can reduce the footprint by up to 80 percent of the resources consumed and the waste generated.


Natural fibres make up 80 percent of our collections, we have a strict Responsible Cotton Sourcing Policy in place as well as sourcing organic cotton wherever possible.

We only use synthetic fabrics where they are key to the durability or performance of the product and even then we try to replace these with recycled options where possible, sourced from recognised third party organisations.


As part of Seraphine’s ongoing commitment to eliminating plastic, we have developed plastic free alternatives for all our labelling and packaging. We have so far committed to the following sustainable components, which we are excited to be rolling out throughout 2022.

  • The Denim range will now be delivered in FSC certified kraft paper bags which are 100 percent recyclable
  • The Hosiery range will now be delivered in FSC certified kraft paper which is 100 percent recyclable
  • All of our store bags are now made from FSC certified paper which are 100 percent recyclable, including the handles
  • All booklets and swing tags are now produced in FSC certified paper which is 100 percent recyclable
  • All of our branded back neck labels are now produced in organic cotton
  • All polybags are now produced in 100 percent recycled post-consumer waste which are 100 percent recyclable
  • Our reusable LUXE polyester garment bag is made from 100 percent recycled post-consumer waste and is recyclable
  • We have replaced our plastic kimbles with a corn starch seal and our button bags to FSC certified paper envelopes


We have established long standing relationships with our suppliers, some for over nineteen years. The length of those relationships is testament to how we nurture our supply base. By enabling our factories to grow steadily with us, we build long term sustainable partnerships. Working collaboratively with our communities helps drives transparency, fairness and decent working conditions as well as balancing sustainable relationships with fair prices.

Our Code of Conduct is based on the Ethical Trading Initiative and International Labour Organisation, along with local law. Suppliers must meet Seraphine’s minimum performance standards to be able to enter a business relationship with us.

We require all our suppliers to share their 3rd party independently verified audits on the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange – (SEDEX) and we work collaboratively to address long term sustainable improvements.


Animal welfare is a broad term covering the general health, welfare and the well-being of animals. We care greatly about the animals that are used to source our wool, cashmere, feather products and shell buttons.

We have a strict Animal Welfare Policy, for example we prohibit wool sourced from sheep which have been mulesed. We do not use real fur, or any endangered species on the CITIES list.

Virgin down feathers are sourced through the Responsible Down Standard and we do not source shell from any endangered species.


We support charities through a variety of meaningful and targeted actions that ensure the donations reach the right people in the right way and that we are making a difference to those really in need. We will also continue to strengthen our ongoing commitment to reducing textile waste in our sampling, production and customer-use stages. Here are some of the initiatives we are working on so far;

SERAPHINE x NAYTAL is an ongoing partnership supporting a UK women’s online pregnancy and post natal health clinic.

We support the UK Charity Share Wear by donating samples to help alleviate clothing poverty to those in desperate need. Free clothing is distributed through church and community groups and has reached 24,000 people in the UK last year.

We are exploring rental as a new way to shop and do our bit for the environment. You can find us on


Denim is a wardrobe staple, and our customers still want the versatility of jeans to flatter their growing curves. We do recognise that denim is one of the most resource intensive parts of the industry, and we are doing our part to minimise the impact on the environment through our Denim Sourcing Policy. We only source denim from mills and laundries that demonstrate high environmental standards and provide evidence of water and energy saving systems. We work to utilise new technologies and advancements in chemistry to further reduce the impact.

Chemicals are a part of daily life, and many chemicals are used to print and dye fabrics. There are a wide range of safety standards in place designed to protect workers, customers and the environment. All our suppliers receive our Chemical Management Policy and Restricted Substances List which is continually updated in line with REACH and other global regulations.

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