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At Seraphine we understand that selecting the best size for you during pregnancy can be a tricky business, and especially when it comes to selecting a nursing bra, as your breast size will tend to fluctuate. Every woman is different, but we’ve tried to cover all the most commonly asked questions to help you find the perfect fit.

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32A 32AA 85A 10AA 70A
32B 32A 85B 10A 70B
32C 32B 85C 10B 70C
32D 32C 85D 10C 70D
32DD 32D 85E 10D 70DD
32E 32DD 85F 10DD 70E
32F 32E 85G 10E 70F
32FF 32F 85H 10F 70G
32G 32FF 85I 10FF 70H
32GG 32G 85J 10G 70I
32H 32H 85K 10H 70J
34A 34AA 90A 12AA 75A
34B 34A 90B 12A 75B
34C 34B 90C 12B 75C
34D 34C 90D 12C 75D
34DD 34D 90E 12D 75DD
34E 34DD 90F 12DD 75E
34F 34E 90G 12E 75F
34FF 34F 90H 12F 75G
34G 34FF 90I 12FF 75H
34GG 34G 90J 12G 75I
34H 34H 90K 12H 75J
36A 36AA 95A 14AA 80A
36B 36A 95B 14A 80B
36C 36B 95C 14B 80C
36D 36C 95D 14C 80D
36DD 36D 95E 14D 80DD
36E 36DD 95F 14DD 80E
36F 36E 95G 14E 80F
36FF 36F 95H 14F 80G
36G 36FF 95I 14FF 80H
36H 36H 95K 14H 80J
36GG 36G 95J 14G 80I
38A 38AA 100A 16AA 85A
38B 38A 100B 16A 85B
38C 38B 100C 16B 85C
38D 38C 100D 16C 85D
38DD 38D 100E 16D 85DD
38E 38DD 100F 16DD 85E
38F 38E 100G 16E 85F
38FF 38F 100F 16F 85G
38G 38FF 100H 16FF 85H
38GG 38G 100J 16G 85I
38H 38H 100K 16H 85J
40B 40A 105B 18A 90B
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Frequently Asked Questions


Most women tend to buy a nursing bra at some point during their third trimester, although you may find that you need a different fit far earlier on in your pregnancy. The easiest way to tell that it’s time to switch to a nursing bra is when your usual bras no longer feel comfortable or fit correctly.

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How do I measure my bra size?

Wear the bra you feel most comfortable in at the moment (it shouldn’t be padded or restrictive). Stand up straight, keeping you breathing relaxed, and place the measuring tape flat against your back, wrapping it around your ribcage underneath your breasts. Ensure the tape is taut and as straight as possible: This is your under bust measurement. Take a second measurement, this time wrapping the tape over the fullest part of your bust and around your back keeping the tape fairly straight, and be sure to wrap the tape into the area between your breasts: this is your over bust measurement.


Seraphine’s nursing bras are specifically designed to adjust to your changing body shape, with stretchy fabrics and multiple hook and eye fastenings to accommodate and support the size fluctuations you may experience during pregnancy and nursing. Choosing the best bra for you all comes down to personal preference. Here are a few things you may want to consider when buying a bra;

-How Does This Style Fit Into My Lifestyle?
-How Much Shape Do I Need? (Hint – Seraphine's designs help to create a balance between comfort and a shapely silhouette)
- How Long Do I Plan To Breastfeed? (Hint- If you are planning to extend the breastfeeding phase, we suggest that you purchase an under-wired nursing bra for a little extra shape and support.

Can I sleep in a nursing bra?

Yes you can! There is no health risks associated with wearing a bra around the clock whilst nursing and you may find that wearing a nursing bra at night is essential during your first few months of feeding. When selecting a sleep bra, opt for thicker straps and an elasticated under bust panel. Wider cups will also be beneficial in helping to hold breast pads in place.

What are the benefits of cotton lined bras?

Cotton lined bras are generally more practical and comfortable. Cotton helps to soothe and prevents breast and nipple irritation, and the natural fibre helps to wick away moisture in your bra. Cotton also helps to regulate your temperature and is washing machine friendly.

What size nursing bra should I buy?

Your breast size may fluctuate quite dramatically throughout pregnancy, so finding a bra that will fit comfortably through pregnancy and nursing can seem like an impossible challenge. We find that the best way to calculate what size nursing bra you’ll need, is to take your measurements at 26 weeks and add 1 additional cup size and 1 additional band size to your bra size. So for example, if at 26 weeks you are a 34C, you would most likely fit into a 36D as you move into your 3rd and 4th trimesters. Find out your size with the Bra Calculator above!

How will my bra size change during pregnancy?

Every woman is different, but on average, during pregnancy your bra size will increase by 1-2 cup sizes and 1-2 band sizes from your pre-pregnancy size. After your baby is born and during the nursing stage you will typically grow by an additional cup size on top of your pregnancy size. After 8 weeks of nursing your band size will generally decrease to your pre-pregnancy size, and your cup size will be 1 size up from your pre-pregnancy size.

How can I tell if my nursing bra is fitted correctly?

When you try a nursing bra it should fit you on the middle hooks and the strap adjusters should have enough space to be repositioned allowing for loosening throughout pregnancy, and tightening as your band size decreases during nursing. You should be able to run two fingers under the band of your bra, and your hand should be able to fit inside the cup ensuring you have enough room for padding. When you try a nursing bra on, lift your arms up over your head: If the band curves at the back and the cups ride up over your breasts you should consider exchanging for a bigger band size. If your bust is spilling over the cups, you will most likely need to exchange for a bigger bra in both cup and band size.

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Is it safe to wear an under-wired bra whilst breastfeeding?

If you want to wear an under-wired bra, ensure that you purchase a specific under-wired nursing bra. These typically have softer and more flexible support wires, usually made out of bamboo-like materials. Non nursing specific under-wired bras can be very uncomfortable and in some cases can lead to Mastitis. It is not advisable to sleep in an under-wired nursing bra.

Will I need a nursing bra in my hospital bag?

It’s a good idea to have a nursing bra ready for the birth of your baby, however you may prefer to pack a supportive nursing top as an alternative if you are feeling uncomfortable wearing a bra straight away.

Nursing Bra Advice

Keeping track of your bra size can be a real challenge during pregnancy, and when nursing comes into play, the situation becomes even more complicated. Hooks, clips, cup size, underwire, no underwire… Our handy guide gives you confidence in your choice and helps avoid costly and potentially unpleasant mistakes.

Once you’ve found your perfect fit, check out our fantastic range of soft maternity and nursing nightwear or head to the gym in our active wear that is optimised for pregnant and nursing women.