Guide Maternity Bands Explained

When choosing a pair of maternity jeans or pants, it’s important to think about your growing belly, and how your new pants are going to fit throughout your pregnancy. We’ve created this quick guide to help you understand the different maternity waistband styles that are out there and find the one that’s going to be right for you! We hope we clear things up for you and help you on your way to finding the perfect pair of maternity pants.

maternity jeans Under the Bump

Under the Bump

If you’re a low rise jeans kind of girl, then you’ll love the elasticized under-bump band in soft stretch jersey, which sits comfortably under your bump and allows you room to grow.

Over the Bump

For a little more security and support, there’s nothing better than a silky soft over-bump band, which fits like a second skin and sits securely under your bust.

Over the Bump maternity jeans
seraphine maternity leggings in black

Belt Band

The belt band features built-in elastic, which stretches for a perfect fit. With integrated belt loops, you can accessorize your maternity pants and jeans with your favorite belts.

Rollover Band

For ultimate comfort and versatile style, choose a rollover band. The soft stretch jersey band can be pulled up over your bump or rolled down and worn wherever feels comfortable for you.

black maternity pants
black maternity trousers

Draw String

Drawstrings put you in control. You can fully adjust the fit of your maternity pants throughout your pregnancy, and even through the day.

seraphine blue maternity jeans
black maternity jacket with jeans

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Finding the Perfect Maternity Pants

There are so many options when it comes to maternity pants, that finding the perfect pair for you can seem like a daunting task. If you’re not sure which waistband is right, check out our handy guide to help you figure out the differences, then explore our maternity jeans collection online and find your perfect match.

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