Breastfeeding: Let’s Support Each Other

The Seraphine Team Share their Breastfeeding Tips

Words of Wisdom

For anyone just starting out on their breastfeeding journey, the Seraphine mums share their words of encouragement.

breastfeeding week

Breastfeeding Journey

Everybody’s breastfeeding journey is different – we asked the Seraphine mums to share any challenges they faced.

Top Breastfeeding Tips

From fennel tea to the perfect pillow – the Seraphine mums share game-changing tips for breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding in public

We asked the Seraphine mums about the weirdest places they breastfed & whether they had any advice to share.

Night feeds

From the easy to the… not so easy, the Seraphine mums share their experience with night feeding.

Let’s Support Each Other

Every breastfeeding journey comes with ups & downs – the best thing we can do is be there for each other.

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